Oct 1, 2007

New poll and old poll results

Here are the results of my latest poll:

Out of 29 voters

2 do not have social anxiety

The other 27 use the following to help with social anxiety (options are not exclusive, more than one item could be selected):

  • 10 (34%) - Read books, blogs, etc.
  • 9 (31%) - Do individual therapy
  • 6 (20%) - Do nothing
  • 5 (17%) - Take medication
  • 5 (17%) - Exercise
  • 4 (13%) - Blog, diary, other writings
  • 2 (6%) - Meditate
  • 2 (6%) - Other
  • 0 - Group therapy (I guess I am not popular with the Phoenix group ;) )

I was impressed with the large number of people that do nothing and the small number of people that meditate... I guess you guys felt just like me when you tried to meditate. It never works well at home.

This inspired me for my October poll: how much does social anxiety affect your life. It affects my life a little, but not to a level that it stops me from doing things: I would avoid a party or talking to someone, but I still see people, work, do new stuff, etc. How about you? How bad is it?

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