Oct 22, 2007

About copying and feeding from this blog

I have noticed a website feeding off my and SA Dave's blogs. While that website seems to be in work, it makes us uncomfortable to see our posts copied somewhere else. This is not Technorati or Bloglines or some other common RSS feed, it has our blogs under headings with social anxiety, suggesting that we are somehow doing SA therapy. Please appreciate that we are not feeling good about this and stop feeding on our blogs.

They say that copying is a sign of flattery, but I don't feel flattered. I am feeling way more shy to write anything. I'm no expert. I have no medical degree. I can speak for what I feel about my anxiety and maybe that is what some of you feel, but I'm sure there are just as many people with social anxiety that do not find themselves in what I am saying and for which this is much worse.

Thank you for your understanding. I deleted my email from my blog, but I'm allowing anonymous comments, and will not post a comment if you mention it. So if you want to contact me just send a comment.

(BTW one other reason I'm shy about posting more is not getting any comments. I must be a bad writer lately... oh, we are so dependent on other people's feedback!)


a horribly infrequent writer myself said...

Your writing is very good, and you definitely have readers out there who love to read your blog. :)

SA D. said...

I found out who is feeding off our blogs, Ileana. I've posted his address and phone number on my blog. Maybe that'll slow him down.