Oct 10, 2007


I read this article in Medical Economics and I got offended.... big time offended. You advise doctors to write notes that detailed to avoid a malpractice suit? This mean doctors spend more time writing notes than they spend talking to patients? And this for the 1% or less patients that would sue them?

Can't they come up with something more economic? Can they record the conversations during appointments - that would embarrass us a lot, but how is it different anyway? It can only be used if you sue them.

Can we come up with some promise that we are not set to sue them? Like marriage? In sickness and in health... We're not all after you! Shouldn't the lawyers work on doing something like that than on suing doctors... I guess that wouldn't bring enough money.

When I had a breast lump, I had two doctors give me breast exams without a chaperon. I very much appreciated their ability to see me for what I was - a scared woman - rather than a malpractice suit waiting to happen. These doctors gained my full respect. Of course I wouldn't blame anyone that uses a chaperon (you need to do what you need to do), but having the guts to do otherwise needs to be appreciated.

What a mess!

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