Oct 17, 2007

Preeclampsia awareness

This is a post for those of you that are interested in pregnancy and preeclampsia issues.

My very good friend and founder of the Preeclampsia Foundation, Anne Garrett Addison (gosh, Anne, there are so many double consonants in your name!) was nominated as a Woman of Worth by L'Oreal

She just had an interview on NPR. It is worth listening to. It is a story of the need to empower patients in being active in their own care, in understanding their conditions and partnering with their doctors for their care. Anne has been my and hundreds of other women's mentor in becoming empowered patients. It was my brush with preeclampsia that made possible my researching more about social anxiety and about being able to live (pretty well) with it.

It is late at night and I really need to go to bed, but I will update this post with more relevant links about preeclampsia awareness and patient empowerment. I am very grateful that I had preeclampsia and that made me meet Anne. Thank you Anne for all that you did and are still doing for us and for me!


Anonymous said...

Little did you know that BP (before preeclampsia) I had crippling social anxiety. I couldn't go into a bank alone, I never could say something that someone might disagree with, and I even failed to take my children to school on a regular basis because I felt "safer" with them home with me. Nearly dying did a lot to cure me of it, though I do still struggle with it. So thank you for your kind words, Ileana, I consider you one of my dearest friends (always so brave with the truth--a true challenge of mine) and little did you know your blog has helped me with my ongoing, though significantly improved social anxiety disorder.

~Denise~ said...

Thank you for posting about Anne. She truly is one of my heroes.

Anonymous said...

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