Oct 28, 2007

Bloggers, back pain and embarassment

Back in May, I had a post with a link to the Fitness Fixer. I am reading Jolie's blog since then and I like it very much. she had a Neck and Backpain Workshop for the last two week-ends relatively close to me and I went there. I also went to a yoga class with her. It was great! She's so different and challenging and seeing and doing this so different than everybody else (hmmm, just like me?). So if any of you live in Philadelphia, go meet her!

Jolie is very nice and very smart. I liked her a lot and I hope I will use what she taught us to never get backpain and to help some of my friends that do. Visit her blog! There is something to be learned from there.

I enjoy meeting people through blogging. It's easier and feels safer for us. I prefer this environment to anything else to getting to know others.

And now the funny part: I sent Jolie the comment I had in May about her blog, so she knew that I have social anxiety. She went out of her way to make me feel good. (Jolie, if you read this, you are great, and I love you very much and you did just fine, so please don't get upset with the rest of this) . Jolie challenged me more than physically...

I had to laugh at all the nice things she did for me that embarrassed the hell out of me: all we want is to be lost in the crowd, don't single us out. She hugged me and noticed how nice I am. She got me a ride for two blocks so I can get to the yoga class - Oh, the horror of riding in a car with 4 perfect strangers... I would have happily walked in the rain than try to make conversation. Good thing that it was really close.

My husband joked about the similarity of my feelings and my 2 years old's feelings when he sees a big dog or some other scary animal (we went to the zoo and he saw a big pig at the petting farm - he declared - nooo pig, no pig, no pig and clutched on tightly to my husband). The same with me: nooo people, please, no new people!

Thank you Jolie for challenging me in all sorts of ways! Now that the danger is gone, I am very amused at the whole situation, really!

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Paul Levy said...

Not related to this, but please check out Grand Rounds today at http://runningahospital.blogspot.com/2007/10/grand-rounds-volume-4-number-6.html. Some moving and insightful stories about experiences in hospitals. Thanks.