May 5, 2007

Backpain anyone?

I can't live without blogging... all of a sudden I have so many things to say. I guess I must be feeling better. After all a vacation is coming up soon.

In the spirit of more exercising that I wrote about earlier, I subscribed to a blog for fitness - The Fitness Fixer. It's a great blog with simple solutions that don't require gyms and equipment.

It explains one cool way to avoid backpain: tuck the hips under and straighten the back. This is using the abs some, thus resolving two problems in one. Check it out!

And I came up with a trick. I straightened my back and set the rearview mirror in my car to that height. Now each time I try to use it it reminds me to keep a straight back. Very neat!

We've been working out some 30-45 minutes every morning this week - aerobics. And I went to yoga 3 times.... hmmm this looks like it's working, doesn't it?

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