Nov 13, 2007

I'm closing shop

I think that I will abandon my social anxiety blog. I love blogging, but I am so bored about blogging about my emotions and vents. I want to blog about computer systems and project management and databases and I feel confined in the title. I might get back one day and I will continue to read the blogs of my socially anxious friends.

I think I had some good posts and I hope I helped a person or two to at least not feel so lonely in their condition. I definitely learned a lot and found a lot of comfort in blogging and reading about others.

Here are my highlights for those that will get to my blog in the future:

  1. Diagnosing social anxiety - how to tell your doctor
  2. First step - therapy - find the right person, not the right therapy school
  3. For spouses, friends and family of people with social anxiety: Dealing with emotional people I and II, and helping them.
  4. How bad can it be. Also check my poll results.
  5. Keep in touch with family and friends from college and school because it will be more difficult to find new ones later in life
  6. A very popular post on emotional immaturity... My more recent opinion on this is that it is emotionally mature to occasionally be immature, just accept it, forgive yourself and apologize if needed and move on.
  7. About openness
  8. My big revelation
  9. ... and snippets for people with social anxiety to not feel like they are the only ones feeling this emotional: dreading the publicity, blogging anxiety, doctor's offices

Thank you all for reading my blog, and commenting every now and then! Thank you for joining me in this journey. I will post a link to my new blog as soon as I will have something there.


Thunder said...

I enjoy your blog but I know the feeling. You can always just take a break. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to see you go. I've really enjoyed your posts and I hope you'll continue to share your thoughts from time to time.

I do know what you mean about feeling confined by your blog title. I get tired of talking about back pain all the time, so I just blog about whatever I feel like. :-)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Don't stop, I just got here! I might be late but I still want an encore. Very happy to have stumbled upon your blog. Very useful and I've only been here a few minutes. Interesting how you said a TV interview makes you anxious, they can have the same effect on me, especially if the topic is politics.

I like to say I share the same ability as George Costanza, "I can sense the slightest human suffering". I can sense the tension between parties in an interview or interaction and seemingly feel their anxiety. Yeah I know, sounds weird.