Jan 27, 2007

About communication and friends

As I wrote a few messages ago, I emailed 3 authors asking them to look at my blog. I read their books and loved them and felt very connected to them. I am putting my sole in these pages and so I figured that if I invite them here, we will instantly become good friends.

I got short answers from two of them and I understood a few things: first is that love at first sight does not work with ideas: no one will fall in love with me by reading 2 sentences... it might be interesting, amusing, whatever, but we will not become friends.

The other thing I understood is that I always think "if only I could talk to people I would have much more friends"... and because I am not a big talker, I can't have friends. I guess friends come over time, when you spend time with them, and, talky or not, I could have friends if I spent more time with them. And I am valuing too high the ability to talk a lot or express everything I am thinking.

And with my work and household load, it is not easy to find time for friends. When family and all your college and childhood friends are far away, I would not be too surprised if anyone would be just like me if they walked in my shoes. That's why family and college and childhood friends are there forever: because we had time to share with each other at the time.

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