May 25, 2007

Dealing with emotional people - part II

In a post below, I was commenting that reasoning when talking to people in a highly emotional state is the wrong way to go. Empathising and trying to understand the emotion is so much better.

I need to add something that one should never ever say, especially not to emotional people: "It's all in your head." Fortunately doctors quit saying this or at least I haven't heard it lately.

If you feel the need to say it, stop and think for a minute. Maybe that emotional person is exaggerating, maybe her/his perception is way distorted, but there must be something that got the person so upset. And telling her/him that it's all in her head will not help at all. Clarifying the issue will help everyone.

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Anonymous said...

I have to agree that the phrase "it's all in your head" has never provided me or anyone else I know any semblance of reassurance or relief! As a health care provider, I have had patient's come to me and tell me that they were told this was their "problem"; that it was "all in their head". I always remind these people that it is true that we experience things "in our head", but that our heads are connected to the rest of our bodies, and that we will possiby experience physical symptoms as a result of something going on"in the head"