Aug 23, 2007

Rebuild your back

The other blog that I recently started reading is Dean Moyer's Rebuild Your Back. I love the way Dean is teaching others to deal with back pain. It seems to me like the right way to resolve it. Doctors and pain medicine can only do that much, chiropractors and other alternative medicine options seem to mainly work on "if you believe it, it will happen".

If you have back pain, visiting the site and the forum is a must. It just happened that about three of my closest friends had back pain since I started reading his blog... so I keep telling them: See, I told you!

The blog has other topics that I found both interesting and controversial, and the links to the Skeptic's Circle opened a different world to me.

Check it out! And thank you Dean for discovering me on the Grand Rounds and commenting on my blog.


Anonymous said...

Ileana, Thank you for mentioning my site and taking the time to write such a nice review. I certainly do appreciate it.

I don't recall how I first found your site... it probably was via Grand Rounds... but I'm certainly glad I found it. I always enjoy reading your posts and I hope you continue to share your thoughts with us for a long time to come.


Dave B. said...

Thanks for the post, Ileana. My lower back started acting up in the past two years and it will be nice some advice about it.


Anonymous said...

have just been looking over this blog. Where is there information on how to actually rebuild your back? - other than to buy his book.
I think it's a scam.

Anonymous said...

I second the fact that there is no information about what to actually do for your back. Every thing just says donate for the books. And frankly it is a scam to have a donation when you are actually receiving money- AKA income which should be taxable. The blog might be amusing but not helpful if you need to actually rebuild your back.

Ileana said...

I am posting these comments to allow freedom of speech, but I think you are better off to find a solution than criticizing others.

You can check and participate in Dean's Forum or read the Fitness Fixer blog or go elsewhere.

Good luck with your backs! Do yoga - no forward bends though!

Unknown said...

Ileana, in regards to what you said above, the other posters are rightfully criticizing Dean Moyer for running what is most likely a scam site. He requests a donation but requires the donation in order to download his books. So it is not a donation at all. It is payment for the books.

What you said about it being better to find a solution than to criticize others doesn't even make sense. A solution to what? Back pain? But Moyer offers no solutions to back pain on his site. His forum is old and unused, and I have to guess that the books he requires a donation for are blank given the complete lack of even a hint of his solution anywhere on his site or on the internet (I've looked).