Aug 2, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Paul Levy's blog

Paul Levy's blog is 1 year old today. Happy anniversary!

Paul's blog was my inspiration to start my own blog. I read his for about a month and then decided I need to talk to Paul. As it seemed practically impossible, I decided to write a blog instead and invite him over.

Paul was more open than I ever expected. He emailed me back, welcomed me on the blogosphere, read and commented on my posts and generally encouraged me on my road. He created the Personal stories group on his blog roll and I am always proud to see my link the first one there.

More than anything, his posts are like an vacation island to me and a window on a part of the world that I never had access to before. I learned the power of openness, and the freedom that comes with it.

Thank you so much Paul for opening up to us and for helping me grow. Here's to many more years of great blogging.

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Anonymous said...

Many thanks, Ileana.