Aug 23, 2007

I love my kid's pediatrician

I have a good positive post for you guys!

I love the pediatrician office. I am very proud that I found them and stayed with them. It's a small practice with 3 doctors. I think this is the best because it's small enough that you know each doctor , but big enough to cover all the hours, so you don't get to talk to some other doctor on call. It's always one of the three. Less than that and you would end up meeting a complete stranger for on-call. For more than that, it would be difficult to know each doctor and have unfragmented care.

I can ask for one of the doctors or just rotate through them as I wish. They are a bit far away from us, but they work with two of the best hospitals around and I think that is important. They are out of network for my insurance and I am actually happy about that because I know that they get paid a fair amount and don't have to reduce quality to cut costs.

They have evening hours, they get you in the same day for a sick child and they even come on the week-ends if needed. They are usually on time and I never had any issues with them.

At one of my first appointments, I felt attacked when the old doctor asked the usual questions about not leaving the baby alone on the adult bed, baby-proofing the house, fire arms, etc. I then realized they have to always ask these questions and it's not personal, so I relaxed.

Initially I rotated through each doctor to get to know them, but for 9 months or so, I just stayed with the youngest one. He has a kid about the same age as my kid and it's really cool to share the experience. He's fun: "Oh, I worry unnecessary about my kid as well." I love that he takes the time to talk to me and that listens to my concerns and reassures me. It's also cool that if I think he's missing something, I can go to the "old doctor" and ask about it.


I wonder what is it that makes this relationship so good and why am I so critical towards other doctors. I'm pretty sure it's something internal with me and how I react or come across to other people, but I can't figure out what it is.

I think this is more like a partnership for making sure the kid is fine. I think that doctor-patient relationships that are based on mutual respect are successful. If the doctor feels threatened, or if the patient feels unheard, the relationship just fails.

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