Aug 18, 2007

Poll results

OK, so my poll results are:

11 - have social anxiety (SA)

3 - don't have social anxiety but want to find out more about it

1 - is here for other reasons than social anxiety

This result was very surprising to me. I did not expect the SA people to come out and participate. Many many thanks for participating and for reading. I realize that for some of you even taking this anonymous poll might have been difficult. I also realize that you are coming here again and again because you find yourselves in what I am writing, realizing that you are not alone or finding hope that your issues have chances to be resolved or at least become acceptable. I now feel responsible to keep writing and letting the world know about us.

I was hoping that more people don't have SA, but are interested in it. I was secretly dreaming that there are SA researchers out there that would try to learn more about SA and find ways to help us... I guess research money is not much and it's mainly given by drug companies, so research in this area will have something to do with medication.

Thank you again for participating. I will keep writing about SA and I will try to attract people that don't know much about it so we can increase awareness. The first step will be to edit my post on helping SA people and submitting it to the Grand Rounds this week. Wish me luck! Feel free to offer suggestions, anonymous comments are allowed!

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