Aug 18, 2007

Dr. Rob

I have a few blogs I started to read recently. One of them is Dr. Rob. He is on the list of the best 100 medblogs and pretty much everyone on the medical blogs world has a link to his blog. I am so happy that so many people like him. This alone makes the world a better place. He has a lot of common sense, is smart (hey a doctor building his own EMR... - I am in IT after all, this has to impress me) and very very sweet.

He surprised me this morning with a post on children's fears... as you'll see it's not just children's fears and it matches very well the subject of this blog. Make sure to read it.

Thank you Dr. Rob for writing... and if you ever get stuck in Newark, let me know. I'll be happy to offer a place to lay down, a dinner and an ear eager to learn about your IT achievements and not only...

Edited to add: Two more Dr. Rob posts that you should not miss

Read To My Patients and give it to your doctor to share with their patients.
It's wonderful. I especially like this part:

You are not crazy. I have a lot of people who are really anxious about
things in their life and they are worried that they are “going crazy.”
There is a huge difference between being “crazy” (psychosis) and struggling
in life. Everyone is struggling in life (no matter how “together” they
appear on the outside). One of the best parts of sitting in my seat is
that I have a whole bunch of people opening up to me with their insecurities
and anxiety. I have realized that everyone is just as insecure as I am
- and this really makes me feel better in my own struggles. If you
can’t share your anxieties with me, then who can you share them with?
I promise not to make you feel that you are feeling the wrong emotions.

Also check Perfect words ... how nice is that?

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Dr. Rob said...

Why thank you. It is nice to see what you are doing on your blog here.