Mar 22, 2007

Why would you do something so stupid

Today I noticed something that my babysitter glued a page of a baby book back to the book with lots of pieces of scotch tape and I thought to myself: "Why would you do something that stupid?"

And while thinking about it, I realized that I am doing that a lot: when I see something that somebody (including me) does I notice right away what's stupid with it, actually I try to find something stupid in that. You can always find pros and cons to any action that anyone is doing... if somebody did something, it's done, so what's the point of labeling it?

I remember I heard that CEOs of big companies have 2 advisers: the yes person (that will tell him all the good stuff about a decision that he needs to make) and the no person (that will find all the bad parts of it). This way the CEO would be able to see both sides of the coin and make an informed decision. I would be great for a no person. I can find faults with anything.

I need to get back to zen.

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