Feb 24, 2007

2 months - highs and lows

Paul Levy gave up his Blackberry two months ago... This was the first post I read on his blog. So what did I do these last two months?

  • Started the blog and shared it with my close friends
  • Emailed Paul to visit the blog
  • Accepted his suggestion to post a link to my blog on his
  • I got nuts when he posted the link and advertised it
  • I got over it and lived with it
  • I started commenting on Paul's and other blogs with a link to my blog - first I forced myself to do it, but now if I have something to say, I say it
  • Paul added my blog as the first on his personal stories link and advertised it again - I was ok with it this time (I felt a bit uncomfortable, but definitely didn't have the strong reaction I had the first time)
  • Saw my profile count increase every day and did not blink about it

...I wrote this last week. This week I was a bit down. I need to have constant approval and confirmation that I am not writing anything stupid. Two of my consistent approvers were gone and couldn't comment. As it happens, nobody chimed in with any comments. And on Paul's blog there were some really negative comments. Hey, if anyone posts comments like those on my blog, they're gone! I'm no CEO (other than in my house) and I won't publish c... Plus work was not as good as usual last week. I think part of what keeps me floating is the fact that I am so good at my job, and any issue becomes a big problem and drags me down.

It's pretty neat that I discovered this though... so if you guys are interested in reading new stuff, keep the positive comments coming. Having two readers that I can always get feedback from and an occasional comment will keep me going. It's amazing how everything changes meaning depending on my emotional status. I'm still not great, but at least I am on an ascending trend.

While I was reading to my kid this evening, I found a great poem that works so well with how I'm feeling about writing or not on the blog... I will post it separately along with the English translation...

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