Jan 21, 2007

What is that impossible dream

The impossible dream is getting a job... in a field that I have no qualifications or experience. I would like to work as a hospital administrator... Paul Levy, President and CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston is my hero. I don't want to be CEO or President, but I'd love to help someone like Paul. And I think I have the talent to do it.

This is reaching as high as the sky. This is all so new to me. I am a software developer with no training in medicine or management. I am managing large software projects and I am very good at it. I imagine that the job is the same, but rather than dealing with software, you deal with sick people and people that care for them. I know I need to learn a lot, and this doesn't scare me. I can read, research and learn. What scares me is the interview... oh, no, not the interview.

I'm just starting to see what's under the covers and it is scary. I thought it's all about patients and caring for them, but there's so much else going on: uninsured and universal health plan and HIPPA, and pharma companies, and unions, etc.

But when I was in Romania, working for a leading US software consulting company seemed like reaching for the sky... and I did it. It seems easy now, but it wasn't, and I know I can do it again.

Thank you for hanging out with me while I dig through all this and prepare for THE INTERVIEW.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ileana,

Welcome to the blogosphere!

It is a strange environment. You throw comments out to the world. You never know if someone has read them because very few people every submit comments.

The way I started to generate comments was by sending an email to all of my friends telling them about the blog and asking them to submit comments.

You also generate traffic by posting links to other people's blogs on your home page. (You do this with a command on your template page.) Then they reciprocate, and then it all begins. Let me know if you want me to post yours on mine.

You can keep track of traffic on your blog with a free program called www.statcounter.com. Check it out.

You can also keep track on another site called technorati.com.

Also, on your settings page in blogspot, you can set it up so you can automatic notification of comments through an email message to your email address. Do you have that turned on?

There are 55 MILLION blogs in the world, so the chance of getting noticed is pretty small. I think most people tehrefore never expect to get comments. They just right for the pleasure of it.

Ileana said...

See, see... I told you he's my hero! And because Paul broke the ice and left my first comment, today, I am going to write something he might be interested in.