Jan 18, 2007

Not so glorious start, but dealt with AAA

I was dreaming to start this blog with a glorious introduction on why I started it or a poem or something... instead I ran into a situation that I feared for a long time: I had a flat tire.

Nothing happened that was really exciting: it was daylight and I got to a Burger King parking lot. But it was cold and snowy and I was about half an hour from home, and even though I technically know what I have to do to change the tire, I did not feel like getting all cold and dirty doing it... and having the kids from BK laugh at me. So now the question: what would have caused me more anxiety: do it myself or ask for help?

Anyway, I called AAA, they came, changed the tire, I went home... What was it that I was anxious about?

That's me: any human interaction makes me cringe: I'm dreading talking on the phone, having anyone do anything for me, saying hello to a neighbour, and the list can go on forever.

Why did I start this blog? Because I think that I need to face my anxiety and this can be facing a lot of it if I will keep writing and I will let more and more people know about it.

So far 2 people know about my blog.

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Dora said...

I think it is important to dream the impossible. Without it life becomes so boring. We all have different kinds of constraints and limitations due to our background, upbringing, worldview, social status etc. In our dreams, though, we are able to transcend the barriers, to feel free, to move further. This is the mental space for planning, for thinking out the possibilities. So dream on! :) The reality will come along.