Jun 23, 2007


My therapist recommended a book about synchronicity about a month ago: The Tao of Psychology by Jean Shinoda Bolen.

I read a few chapters and I was bored. It wasn't such great writing. Then, one day, I got it. I read a chapter in that one day in which it was important to read it, in which lots of important stuff apparently unrelated came together.

Synchronicity is about events that happen and that we find connections between. The author suggests that noticing them as well as being more open to intuitive and/or emotional or artistic thinking uses a different part of the brain than the rational thinking.

I am an engineer, in a family of engineers, married to an engineer... so rational thinking was always big in my life. I started noticing synchronic events as a game, but it soon became a very important part of my growth and much of it has helped me crack the nut.

What happens to me, things people say, things I read in blogs that seem to have no connection whatsoever become very powerful nudges , eye openers or food for thought.

I wanted to talk about this in a separate thread because I will mention it a lot. It's been part of my thinking lately. If you're looking for something interesting to read give this book a try.

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