Jun 26, 2007

Next Disney ride: colonoscopy

Here's synchronicity in action: I have been in high anxiety for months: March, April, May. And I worried myself sick. Yes, you can get yourself sick by worrying.

So here I was feeling anxious and sick, away from home and having no clue what's wrong with me. One day, while reading a Grand Rounds post, I read about The Midwife with a Knife (a perinatologist ;) ) having a colonoscopy. The diagnostic was ulcerative colitis. I look it up and I figured: that's me, that's what I have. The post was very reassuring about both the procedure and curing the disease and it calmed down my fears.

The conclusion is: if you need a colonoscopy, go get it. It's not such a big deal. Yes, the prep is disgusting, but as far as the procedure goes, these days in the US they put you to sleep and you won't remember or feel anything. Fasting for 36 hours is pretty bad, but after the first missed lunch you get used to it. If I had to do it again, I would skip work during the prep, so plan for two free days for this: get a good book. My doctors also timed the medicine so that the worst of the cleaning happened before bed, so I could have a good night sleep. It's useful to make sure this happens. And make sure you have some disper rash cream handy... hey, isn't it grand to have a baby at home?

I indeed have colitis... why did I need a colonoscopy? I could have told them that because "I read about it in a blog" LOL ;) See how I'm using the taxpayers dollars and increasing the insurance rates unnecessarily!

Anxiety was under control and I feel like after another day at Disneyland.

A post on comments about the hospital to follow soon, this was just a if you're sick get thee to the doctor and don't complain about the colonoscopy.

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