May 20, 2007

Right and wrong decisions

Did you notice that there are very few big decisions? Decisions that could change your life, decisions that are absolutely right or absolutely wrong. It seems that life gets you where it wants to no matter what decisions you make.

You can almost always turn around and try again another option. And no matter what decision you make there are opportunities and risks along the way. A decision might look perfect today and disastrous tomorrow due to some event that could not even be thought of.

So what's the right way to make decisions? I think you just need to figure what's good about each option, what's bad, then just make the decision and realize that either way it's about the same. An informed decision is occasionally better. So reading and asking around people who know is good.

A lot of people think though that there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. I am one of them. If things end up badly, I agonize over which one was the wrong decision. I also agonize while making the decision. And any person that expresses an opinion about what is right makes me cringe and doubt myself.

If I could only understand that most of the time it does not matter: any decision is good enough.