Apr 29, 2007

Trip anxiety

I will soon take a trip. Any trip is anxiety provoking for me, but this in particular involves a lot of social contacts and is particularly difficult. I am back to waking up early in the mornings and being on the edge most of the time.

I exercised a bit more this week and that was good and I will wait until I come back to really step up on that project.

Until about two days ago the idea of the trip was so terrifying for me that I was paralyzed about doing anything. When anyone asked me what was I scared of, I couldn't even think what... I guess I made progress because now I am preparing some (getting little gifts, etc.) and thinking what got me so scared.


Paul Levy said...

A good thing a friend once suggested is to think, "What's the worst that could happen?" Once you do, you realize that the worst things aren't really that bad -- and then you can relax about it.

Ileana said...

Hey Paul! Thanks, I am somewhat better now. You are right, once you identify the cause and start thinking about it, it gets better.

What's the worst that can happen? They will talk to me and, what's worse, I will need to talk back!!!! Oh, no, not talking. :)