Jan 26, 2008

Memory and anxiety

I keep wondering whether there is a link between my lifelong dealing with anxiety and my excellent memory for details.

I think it's partially an exercise thing... I kept being very attentive to any communication of any sort with anyone and kept rehashing it in my mind forever, that I think my memory got worked a lot. Now that I am not that anxious any more I find myself remembering details that nobody should remember. I know details from blog posts that were written an year ago. When Paul Levy's blog was the only one I read, it maybe made sense, but now I am reading a lot and still feel like I remember too many details.

This might make someone that cares about their privacy very wary, but I think there is a chance to meet people like me on the blogosphere. I pretty much read these things once, maybe twice if they are very interesting or have interesting comments. And I also keep track of a million details in the project I'm managing.

I think I should just be happy about it!

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Anonymous said...

That's an interesting idea, something I've never heard before. It makes a lot of sense. In a similar vein, I have a job where I'm required to think a lot. I've always wondered if that adds to my problems.

By the way, I'm glad to see that you're still writing and didn't close shop. I really enjoy reading your blog. :)