Jan 26, 2008


I ran into an article that explains that expressing anger might be helpful for your health and that couples that express anger are happier.

My father had a heart attack when I was 9. We were told it is not healthy for him to get angry. I hope they don't tell families things like this anymore these days. It really put too much pressure on us. Ever since anyone's anger made me very uncomfortable. I don't know what to say, what to do, where to hide and how to make it stop.

Over the last year, I had a different take on that. It's anger expressed in blog posts. Some of my favorites are the angry guys - The Angry Pharmacist, The Angry Doctor (not writing much lately - I suspect he's not that angry anymore), and Panda Bear, MD in hid good angry days.

Their anger is obviously not making me that uncomfortable because I am not expected to do anything, instead, I can appreciate that they might be right most of the time. The article mentions that as well... In anger you forget who you need to be nice to and just cut to the chase and say things as you really see them.

When people are angry, you can really find out what they are thinking.

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