Sep 25, 2007

Still around

I'm still around, but it's been some awful weeks. My whole family and I were sick for the last three weeks or so. Somewhere in the middle of this nightmare, I found out that my doctor is going to another hospital too far away from me. It seemed that there will be no end to the nightmare.

And today, the sun came out. I am on antibiotics and starting to smell things and feel good again, the baby gained enough weight and his cold is getting better too without antibiotics, and I am finally getting to a resolution to what I want in a new doctor. I even got a plan.

And to top it off nicely, my wonderful husband cooked dinner AND cleaned the kitchen this evening. Ladies, go away, he's taken!

Now, Dr. Rob is hosting the Ground Rounds next week, so I have until Sunday morning to come up with a good post.... so I need to get serious writing going!

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