Apr 14, 2007


I've been posting for a while now and I'd like to take the time to acknowledge the blogs/Internet resources that I'm enjoying the most at the time.

Of course I need to start with Paul Levy. Paul is my mentor into blogging and I probably would have stopped doing this a long time ago if it weren't for his kindness when I started this blog. Paul's posts on Running a Hospital are always interesting and thought provoking. I am so glad that he is read so much and that he gets tons of comments on some of his posts. I am learning about hospitals and managing people and how different people have different opinions. It's always interesting to see that the other side has a valid point too. The link on his blog keeps bringing over readers on my blog. Paul, you are the best!

Maria at intueri is always fun to read. In the morning, when I open my news on bloglines, I read Maria's posts the last... I'm keeping them for desert, like a piece of chocolate. Maria is nice and kind and fun. She's a psychiatrist and I think she must be a darn good one.

I think everyone is reading Kevin, M.D., but just in case anyone missed it, if you want an idea about what's going on in the medical blogging world, or if you want to find interesting blogs, this is the place to go. Short messages, but with witty comments and very useful excerpts.

Other health care blogs that I find interesting and fun:

Hospital Impact had a big impact on me by recommending the book "If Disney Ran your Hospital" - by Fred Lee

I'm also reading the Medical Economics magazine online. It is free and I think it has stuff that is readable by normal human beings.

And I need to add my dearest social anxious friends out there:

- SA Dave
- Shy and quiet Drew
- Successfully Shy

For news and fun reading, there are free RSS feeds to the New Yorker, the New York Times. The Wall Street Journal requires a subscription to see the whole articles, but their Health Care Blog is interesting and free.

And finally for those of you that check every day your favorite blogs, I am using bloglines to store my favorites and see when anything is new or updated. It saves a lot of time and it's fun.

Many thanks to all my new acquaintances mentioned here and to all my readers!


tony said...

I'm glad that "If Disney Ran Your Hospital" had such a good impact on you. Thanks for being open and honest about your life and thoughts.

Paul Levy said...


SA D. said...

Just read your post. Wow, thanks so much, that's so nice of you to say. I'm glad to have been included in your list.