Dec 16, 2008

Medgadget 2008 awards

I nominated myself for a 2008 patient blog award. I mostly did it to increase the readership of my blog. There are two kind of people that might be interested:

  • The ones that have no idea that they have social anxiety; they land here by accident, figure out that what's been bothering them for a lifetime has a name and then get help and relief. One visit alone can help these people.
  • The ones that like my writing, and find an inspiration in my success story; they read the whole thing and subscribe and come back for more.
For newcomers, I hope you find answers and inspiration in this blog, for subscribers, please go to MedGadget, read these blogs and cast your votes.

FYI, I also nominated another blog that I have been reading over the last month or so. Duncan Cross has Chrohn's disease and writes about health care. His point of view is original and well-thought. It brought me a great balance to read a chronic patient's point of view instead of only reading the doctors/hospital administrator's point of view. Extremely refreshing and well-written.

I'm not asking you to vote for me, just to consider these blogs among others!


Anonymous said...

Ileana - thanks for the nomination! I saw that I had been nominated through a different blog, and had no idea why. Now it makes sense. Anyway, I'll head over and drop a vote for you.

Anonymous said...

If you have a Twitter account, you can also set it up to get an automatic feed of your blog and have it seen by lots of people there.