Dec 7, 2008

New and old visitors

I want to salute two visitors.

One of them came in two days ago and submitted a comment on my emotional immaturity post. Apparently he found me by searching emotional my entire life. He bumped into my blog and figured it might be social anxiety. He might never come back, but I am happy that this blog is here to be helping people like him. I remember searching for what's wrong with me and reading my first book about social anxiety...

The other visitor... I only see him through statistics counter. As far as I know the visitor never submitted a comment. (S)He comes in every three-four weeks from Paul Levy's blog. (S)He's from Massachusetts General Hospital. I counted 17 visits now, but with changing IPs it could be more than that and it could also be someone else. Thank you for your quiet presence and for coming back. When I see the familiar entry I feel like greeting an old friend.


platensimycin said...

That's a really nice take and attitude toward unknown visitors out there.

Hi there, a frequent reader of your blog here. It takes courage to share your emotional ups and downs with others. Cheer!

Anonymous said...

I'm reading your blog first time and its really inspiring. I'm also SP/SAD and doing my best to live my life to fullest. In fact I am a med student and understand about it well. I'm taking some help after a month (homeopathy-I'm gonna try it first).But I learnt that I should do tests to exclude thyroid disorder first(secretly)
Anon via mobile
btw, its great of you to write even with so less readers. I'm also starting a new blog soon