Feb 10, 2008

The things I love

It's almost two weeks since my father died and I am realizing that I mostly like to do things that I did with him: logic, math, thinking out of the box, hiking, skying. I just re-read the book I love most: The Winter of our Discontent - John Steinbeck and I realized he suggested it. He was reading books and underlining the parts he loved most... and I loved those parts too. I am glad I asked for books he liked this summer when I last saw him and I got a couple of books.

He was the utmost authority in my life. When he approved of something I did, it made me feel very good and accomplished. He was also very critical (did anyone doubt that with my social anxiety?) and I sometimes felt anxiety talking to him.

On a funny note, one thing he was critical about was my French... He was very good at it, and I wasn't that good. I found it ironical that I flew in an Air France flight to Romania to attend his funeral... thus one more time realizing how poor my French is.

When I left for US seven years ago, he had to learn English and to use a PC and do email and he did... at 75 years old. He had a dictionary and taught himself to use the PC and navigate the Internet without previously speaking English. He was pretty amazing and a great guy.

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