Nov 12, 2007

Another doctor story - part II

I have a development going on about my previous doctor rant. I am not sure I can describe it as being successful in beating social anxiety, but it surely is an important step toward it. Some moments were awkward, but I made my point and I was listened to.

On a subsequent appointment, I gave the doctor the book "If Disney Ran your Hospital" (see this post for more details on this book). He was very happy to read it. A week later he called and asked what exactly made ,e give him the book, what needs to be improved in his practice. We talked a lot, but my main points were that I wasn't clearly told what I have to pay and given options to accept or not and that the office was not as family-like as advertised. The doctor found something that I apparently was overcharged for and promissed a refund and then told me that they will try to improve by the time I go there again.

I was supposed to go today and on Saturday, I got a hand-written card from the doctor thanking me for the book, with the refund, and a gift certificate for a restaurant. Also, when I called today to cancel the appointment, the person answering the phone was very energetic and helpful.

I think this is "mission accompli". Maybe the right way was to tell the doctor what was wrong from the very beginning without venting on the blog, but one way or another, I helped a medical office give better service. I feel bad about my previous post now... It was great to talk to the doctor and realize that he really really wanted to do things better.

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