Nov 20, 2008


It's almost two years since I started this blog, and the online world is so different now than it was back then. What great opportunities for anyone to get to terms with their social anxiety.

Part of it is this huge reference related to social anxiety: blogs, personal health oriented websites, forums, e-books.

And this is not all. You can find blogs about anything. This is great for people that feel isolated and don't feel like they can match anywhere. I found blogs that are a pleasure to read about anything of interest to me: social anxiety, any area of healthcare (doctors, CEOs, IT people, patients, etc.), people that wear glasses, people that do yoga, meditation, zen living, passionate about tribes, and so on. It's amazing!

I think that part of my success with social anxiety is finding people that have common interests and realizing that I'm not alone out there.

Go look for people that share your passions! I bet you'll find enough! Don't miss your opportunities!

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Shying Away From It All said...

just started a blog on social anxiety disorder. I have been writing self help book and started my blog to raise some money. check it out and click on some google ads,,,haha. love your blog.