Apr 12, 2008

Call for research

I was asked to participate in a research about mental health and blogging habits. Sounds interesting. If you want to join the details are below.

I will get back soon with more posts!

I am part of a research group from The College of New Jersey interested in gaining information on the views of authors of mental health blogs. This study is part of a research project of Dr. Yifeng Hu, a professor in the Communication Studies department at TCNJ. You have been contacted because you are the author of such a blog. Participation will involve responding to surveys about your mental health and blogging habits. The results are completely confidential. No respondent's personal identity will be requested or associated with any set of answers. We appreciate your time and help with our study and as a thank you for participating you will receive a $5 gift card (or you can choose to donate your amount to Mental Health America). If you are interested, please send an email to mhblog@tcnj.edu and be sure to include a link to the home page of your blog as well as your preferred contact email address. The survey will be sent to you via email within the next few weeks. Thank you in advance for your participation!
Mental Health Blog Research Group
The College of New Jersey

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Anonymous said...

I was also asked to participate so searched out the doctors research and found your blog post of the email. I hope it really is confidential. I do not live in the USA and privacy laws here are strict. I hope your well. I am doing good.