Jul 16, 2007

Grand Rounds

For those of you interested in medical-related writings, be sure to check the Grand Rounds - the best of the medical blogosphere. Each week it is hosted by another blogger.

As a personal challenge, I submitted one of my posts this week and it was accepted. Check the rest of it


Many thanks to Vitum Medicinus for including me.

1 comment:

Dean Moyer said...

Hi Ileana,

Just wanted to thank you for submitting your post to Grand Rounds. I might not have found your blog otherwise.

I've read several of your posts and found them to be thought provoking and inspiring. You are an excellent writer. I hope you will continue blogging and sharing your thoughts (and will keep submitting posts to the medblog carnivals).

I'm going to add you to my blogroll. I hope you approve the heading I'm putting you under.

- Dean