Feb 10, 2009

My class graduated

For the last couple of years while I was blogging about social anxiety, I also followed a number of other social-anxiety related blogs. And, happily for all of us, it seems that we all graduated: 

  • S A Dave got a job and he's doing pretty well there and has no spare time to write,
  • "The guy at Successfully Shy" moved on with life (and Congratulations for the recent event!)
  • Matt released his e-book
  • Drew gave away his blog to Vladimir
  • and I keep dreaming about starting to blog about something else.
I keep promising and I always come back. Well, I had a very promising proof of my emotional maturity this week-end and I also will start having a bit more time at work... so I think now it's the time to get this project going. 

It's time for a new generation of socially anxious to take over. The world is so much different these days: you have UTube and communities all over the place. Good luck to you all! 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ileana,

I think one of the most helpful things for me was exercising regularly (along with understanding more of how my brain worked), and I think you found a similar positive effect from yoga. My exercise article receives plenty of hits so it's uplifting to think other people might be benefiting from what I discovered too.

Thanks for the link.

All the best,